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Before I dive into the details of what we do, I’d like to explain why we do it, how it’s different, and who we work with.

The WE is mostly me and when needed I bring on a very small team and trusted partners, we work closely with every client and we deeply care about marketing with intention, empowering our clients, and building relationships online and offline. Our toolset includes social media, PR and speaking opportunities, and creating, curating, and repurposing content that fosters connection.

Equally important is teaching clients to see through a different lens. To explore who they want to meet, what they can do for them, and why. Then to see that opportunities are everywhere when you know where to look.

Our clients are established and successful prolific content creators who are quietly doing incredible work. Yet they are often perplexed by social media and have tons of content that no one knows about. We find their audience, create a content plan including what they already have, and put it to work.

The results my clients have are astounding, but they’re very different from the usual stories of fantastical feats. They don’t 10x anything and are not working 2 hours a day from the beach. What they gain is real insight into what they do, who it’s for, why they do it, and the impact they make. They see possibilities they could not see before and they know that a small, quiet approach to building an online presence feels right to them, has longevity, and is much easier to do.

Keep reading to learn more about our signature service The Gather Method™, The Gather Masterclaass, various workshops, and add-on projects. Let’s explore what’s possible for you.


curate people, ideas & opportunities that expand your business

What is the Gather Method™

Since the beginning of time humans gather… We crave connection, relationships, and the need to be seen and understood.

Fast forward to today and it’s no different online, it simply takes a bit of a different approach.

Think about what happens when you gather in community with family or friends or in a business context.

Conversations happen. Ideas spark. 

It’s no different online, in fact, it’s easier to gather the people you want to connect with, the content that captures your attention, the opportunities that move your forward. It’s possible to start small and grow intentionally.

THE GATHER METHOD™ helps you to gather what matters to you.

  • Gather your audience
  • Gather your content
  • Gather your collaborators
  • Gather your ideas

The people, communities, books/authors, podcasts, media, events, associations, keywords, hashtags, and more. Wrangle them all in one place that I like to call the brain trust and build plans and strategies from there. Rather than being overwhelmed by the vast online world.   

This is how we work with leaders, small business owners, and content creators. We teach them how to stop, define their audience, listen, position themselves, and most importantly to own their voice online and offline.

To leverage technology, communicate their stories, and cultivate relationships that grow their business in a strategic, targeted, and human way.

Our toolset includes social media, media opportunities, content creation/marketing, and search marketing.

Together, we co-create an integrated communications plan that represents YOU and is built on purpose. Added benefit… the business intelligence gathered from this approach drives better-informed business decisions and uncover opportunities along the way.

Building The Pieces

The Brain Trust is a tool that I have used for years. It’s a treasure hunt customized for each client to find the points of connection needed to create a curated audience.

Once all of the information is gathered in the Brain Trust, it’s used to build strategies, create content, media, and social media plans, to listen and engage online with the people you want to meet, and to gather intelligence to help make more informed business decisions.

Braintrust | Social Pivot PR

The Parts of The Gather Method™

The following are included in all one-on-one projects:

The Brain Trust – This is an advisory board of sorts where we gather all the research.

Strategic Action Plan – An integrated communication plan, including: content, median, and social media plans and lots of ideas when we dig in we find things, see possibilities, and share them with you. 

Keyword Analysis and SEO Strategies – The right words are powerful. SEO and keywords may feel cryptic and complex, yet when used in a conversational way there is a relevance and beauty to the simplicity plus Google loves relevance! We identify the words that your audience is already using and advise on how to weave both highly-trafficked and unique keywords into your content so your content works for you. 

PR and Media Positioning – Media coverage is the fastest way to grow visibility, credibility, and trust to a new and targeted audience. Yet many personal brands and small businesses overlook or disregard this invaluable marketing channel. We build the assets that position you to be found by media professionals that are using social media to locate experts and resources for interviews. We do not operate as a traditional PR agency, instead we empower our clients to build their own media relationships which is way better and a significant savings.

Tool Recommendations – We gather a recommended toolset to (1) house your content so it’s easy to carry your story throughout your online presence (2) hold your analytics to track your results and (3) it’s where you come to connect with your audience and share curated content.

Training and Resource Center – Access to our training and resource center that includes video training, guides, and various resources.

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go through The Gather Method™ in a small group

The Gather Masterclass is a small group LIVE virtual masterclass that was designed to help established small business owners, speakers, authors, coaches, or consultants connect with their perfect audience.

We will spend 4 hours together and work through the Gather Methodology. In addition to the copious notes you will take, I also create a mini Brain Trust for you to get you started on rethinking your approach to social media.

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each Masterclass is limited to 10 participants


a series of innovative workshops each focusing on one one element of The Gather Method™

Use Code GATHERSALE at checkout – all workshops on sale for $75 for a limited time

This is NOT a program

It’s a series of high-level DIY workshops with support through the Social PR Club, a private Facebook community, monthly Q&A calls, and the ability to ask questions in the classroom for each workshop.

They can be purchased individually, in bundles, or buy the entire series.

We currently have 3 workshops available with more coming soon.


Before, During & After the Interview

Podcasts are PR. There are currently over 700,000 active podcasts and they need guests. It’s also a personal experience, 80% of listeners listen to the entire episode, and 45% have have an average annual income of $250K+. These are pretty impactful numbers. 

This workshop walks you through everything you need before, during, and after the interview, including:

  • A current list of almost 400 podcasts with more to come
  • 2 learning videos
  • Templates for a Speaker One Sheet and pitch emails that can easily be customized
  • What to do and what NOT to do
  • Strategies to leverage social media to position yourself and to build relationships with hosts
  • How to leverage your interviews so you are invited to be a guest on other podcasts
  • Recommendations on the tasks that can be delegated and what you must own to build valuable relationships
  • PLUS: a Guest Interview with Michelle McGlade to gain the perspective of a podcast host

In the Media

Pitch & Position Yourself to Land Media

Landing media is one of the best ways to build visibility, credibility, and trust as a personal brand or small business. And.. it does not need to be hard or break the bank.

This workshop helps you to understand the value of publicity, where to find opportunities, how to pitch yourself, and more importantly how to position yourself so the media finds YOU. The workshop is filled with invaluable resources, including:

  • Current media lists, including contact information and, when available, journalists preferences
  • 3 learning videos
  • Free resources to find media opportunities and how to best use them
  • A library of media kit examples and pitch email templates that you can customize
  • Strategies to leverage social media to position yourself and to build relationships with the media
  • How to share your media opportunities to become an in demand expert
  • Recommendations on the tasks that can be delegated and what you must own to build valuable relationships

From the Stage

Speak to Your Audience

Speaking from a stage will connect you to your audience in a deep and long-lasting way. But you need to know the right stages to be on and the right topics for your perfect audience.

This workshop leads you through where to look for speaking opportunities and creating the necessary assets to be prepared to walk into the spotlight, including:

  • Strategies and free resources to find media opportunities and how to best use them
  • Learn how to conduct research to identify relevant topics
  • Aligning with your content plan
  • Template for a Speaker One Sheet
  • Recommendations on the tasks that can be delegated and what you must own to build valuable relationships


continue building your online foundation with these add-on projects


content writing, strategy, marketing

Content is the cornerstone of The Gather Method™ and every asset created should have multiple, strategic purposes. Have a body of work that is collecting dust? Whether it’s a book, a series of articles, an online course, seasons of podcast interviews, or something else.

Allow us to take over your content and build it into something new. We can create a plan and you and your team can handle the building or we can do it all… create the plan, build it out into a series of articles, scheduled social media posts, and more using the intelligence from the Social PR Lens and directed at your desired audience.

Imagine having a steady stream of fresh content flowing allowing you to focus your time on engaging and building relationships with your growing community while you increase your credibility, and build valuable relationships that lead to opportunities such as speaking engagements, partnerships, clients, and complete the unwritten chapter…


prospect strategies

A pipeline can lead to anything… it does not necessarily need to be a sales process. This project can also help to build a system for finding speaking opportunities, strategic partners, media opportunities, the possibilities are endless.

Having a system in place will help to shorten the sales (or other) process and use the intelligence from the Brain Trust to identify prospects (or others) through social media. We can build a custom system and teach you and your team how to manage the process and bring a steady stream of qualified prospects (or others) into your pipeline to build valuable relationships and increase your bottom line.


Once we work with clients and get them up and running, we often continue working with them in an ongoing way. Our services are unique and we find that although our clients manage the systems we help them to create, they need our support as their business grows and opportunities arise.

We created a host of flexible strategy, advisory, and training services that can be mixed and matched to support the expansion of existing clients or used as a preliminary assessment for prospective clients.

  • Monthly or Quarterly strategy or training sessions
  • Training for new team members
  • Project-based strategy
  • 1/2 and full Strategic Planning Days that can be done in person or virtually

We can create a plan to meet your needs. Whether it be a monthly strategy call to roll in new initiatives and stay on track or a block of time to work through a more detailed training or strategy initiative.

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