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Visibility Packages

for Authors & Speakers


If you’re a speaker or author, your marketing assets are key to helping you stand out and connect with the right people. Yet so many content creators do not have their assets covered.

That’s where our Visibility Packages for Authors and Speakers come in. These done-for-you marketing assets will help you stay above the noise in the ever-increasing crowded online world.

I’ve worked with authors and speakers for years and if there is one thing I’ve learned is that opportunities happen when you least expect them and you must be prepared to land them.


being media-ready

Are you ready for pitching that perfect media outlet or responding when they find YOU?


Do you have videos that tell the story of your book, your speaking platform, or a mix tape – a mini-movie about just about anything? How about branded speaker and book kits that are easy to view, share, and download?


in person meetings are back

Do you know what’s better than a business card? Stacks of postcards and bookmarks at your fingertips to keep that first impression going.


Here are a few door opening scenarios that can happen when you have story-driven marketing assets readily available.

  •  Share a speaker, book, or a Mix Tape reel on your website, a media page, your Amazon Author Page, in the show notes of a podcast where you were featured, on social media, in your email signature, the list is endless.
  • They tell your story and are easy to share – let’s say that you pitch yourself to speak at an event. You include a link to your speaker reel in the pitch and the clarity of your story gets you moved to the decision-maker. Who knows you might even demand a higher fee.
  • Amazon likes when authors include videos on their book and author platforms. Purchasers like it too, it helps in the buying process.
  • With tight deadlines and many qualified experts vying for the same opportunity. The person who makes the journalist’s job easy is usually the one who lands the media. When you have the right assets, you can respond quickly and confidently.
  • Delegation becomes easier too.
  • The opportunities are there, and having the right assets are often the key to opening the doors.


After scrambling to whip clients into a state of being media-ready for years, the time has come to stop the madness and be ahead of the melee with an official offering.

Every speaker and author needs these assets in their marketing toolbox. I see the opportunities unfold when clients are media-ready.

As I was creating this offering, it was important that everything be super simple. Starting with the name, it’s not sexy, but it is literal, there is no confusion on what this might be or how easy it could be to share your story in an organic way.

The stories are crafted to focus on the story, not the sale. It’s about introducing a speaker or author as a human, to build a relationship and touch the hearts of the viewer so they want to learn more, they want to connect, they want to buy your book, invite you to speak on their stage, or feature you to their valued audience.

Read through this page and if you are jumping up and down and yelling ME ME!!! Select the package that works best for you and get the ball rolling.

Currently, we are only taking on 10 projects per month and the goal is to turn each project around quickly. Once we hit 10 projects, we will start a waitlist for the next month.

I’m very excited to share this with the world. The impact these story-driven marketing assets can make is exponential. Plus it’s hard trying to tell your own story which is one of the reasons why most people do not already have these assets and why they are so needed.

Here’s to telling YOUR story.

Donna Cravotta


Author and Speaker Reels | Cravotta Media Group

Author, Speaker & Mix tape Reels

Choose a Speaker Reel, a Book Reel, or a Mix Tape Reel a mini-movie tells the story of just about your brand or just about anything.

Branded Marketing Assets | Cravotta Media Group

Branded Marketing Assets

Choose a Speaker Kit, Book Kit, Bookmark, or Postcard

Your Story | Cravotta Media Group

Your story

This is not cookie-cutter and we do not lead with sales. We gather your collateral and tell your story. 


There are two different packages to choose from


  • 1 VIDEO
    (Speaker, Book, or Mix Tape Reel)
    (Speaker or Book Kit, Bookmark, or Postcard)
  • MP4 videos are provided in 3 formats
  • Branded assets are provided in PDF
  • Working files are provided via Canva Pro so you have access to make changes or repurpose


  • 2 VIDEOS
    (Speaker, Book, or Mix Tape Reel)
    (Speaker or Book Kit, Bookmark, or Postcard)
  • MP4 videos are provided in 3 formats
  • Branded assets are provided in PDF
  • Working files are provided via Canva Pro so you have access to make changes or repurpose

Select the Visibility Package that works best for you and get started immediately!


select package

Click below and choose either Visibility Package #1 or Visibility Package #2.


We work fast… once you pay, the process starts immediately. You will be the next in the queue and we complete projects quickly.

Complete the questionnaire

As soon as you sign-up, you will receive a welcome email with a detailed questionnaire. Block out some time and gather your ideas, dreams, and assets.

We Build it

We ask you to complete the questionnaire within 5 business days – once we receive it we start building. Every project is custom and created specifically for YOU.

Select the Visibility Package that works best for you and get started immediately!


Check out what we are creating… we’ll add more examples as we build them, but you can get the idea.

Select the Visibility Package that works best for you and get started immediately!


stories matter

People connect with stories. It’s what inspires curiosity and engagement. And leads to deeper connection and impact.

We love to help authors and speakers share their stories.

Donna Cravotta

Donna Cravotta | Speaker


Below are answers to frequent questions, but if you have other questions, send us an email.

What if I want a professional voiceover for my video(s)?

No problem. On the order form there is an optional upgrade for professional voiceover for an additional fee.

What if I cannot gather my ideas and assets within 5 business days?

No problem. Let use know how much time you need and we will adjust the schedule to give you more time.

What if I purchase Visibility Package #1 and change my mind and want to upgrade to Vivsibility Package #2?

Simply let us know and we will send you like to purchase the upgrade.

Do you have a payment plan?

No. All work is custom and we work fast, your payment holds your place in line.

Do you offer refunds?

No. All work is custom and lovingly created specifically for you.

How long are the videos?

We recommend no more than 3 minutes, but 2 minutes are best.

What format are the videos?

The videos will be provided in Mp4 format and in 3 different sizes so you can easily share wherever you like:

  • 1:1 square – for posting on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn feeds
  • 16:9 wide – for posting on YouTube, Twitter, and most websites
  • 9:16 vertical – for stories on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok
What if I do not have video of me speaking or about my book or talk?

Simply send us what you do have.

Send images, text, testimonials, book or speaker reviews, the presentation of your talk.

We will fill in with stock images or video and craft a story that tells YOUR story with a Mix Tape.

What is a Mix Tape?

A Mix Tape is a concept we created. It can be an overview of your brand story or something more specific such as:

  • Your program(s)
  • Your talk(s)
  • An event or workshop
  • Really anything story about you or your business that you want to share
    How will we share files?

    When you complete the questionnaire, we will ask you. to gather everything in either a Google Drive or Dropbox folder, give us access, and we will use what you share and add all files that we create in the same place. This way all files are maintained in your accounts.

    Do I need a Canva Pro account?

    YES!  Both the videos and branded assets are created in Canva Pro. 

    We will create all work for you in our Canva account, but you will also need a Canva Pro (currently $12.99 per month) account for several reasons:

    • We will share all files with you via your Canva Pro account. This means you have full control, you can edit, copy, repurpose the work we create for you. We’ve had clients take the videos we create for them and create presentation templates, social media posts, and other branded assets that the can use as they wish.
    • To be in compliance with Canva’s Content License Agreement, specifically, Section 4a. By both of us maintaining a Canva Pro account we both have the license to use the images and videos available in Canva Pro.

    Select the Visibility Package that works best for you and get started immediately!

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