Everything I do includes the full expression of my heart, my innovative brain, a smattering of humor, and New York grit.

I strive to creatively guide my clients to craft stories that incorporate all of their parts and connect with the right people. My clients range from solo entrepreneurs, authors, and speakers to small-mid-sized businesses. They often come to us through referrals and are frustrated from going through one too many rounds of bright shiny internet BS.

As the online world becomes more crowded and complex, we must be more selective about what we share, who we connect with, and the tools we use.

Understanding our stories, our audience, and our content, as well as leveraging media, and tools are the way to do this.

“I was looking to get away from everything that I have done in the past. Going through the Tried & New process led me right back to my roots.”

Donna Cravotta



I am a genuine New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn.

After spending more than 25 years working in global law firms, I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own business in 2006. I took what I needed, left what I didn’t, and established a small, unique, and intentional unagency.

For many years, I helped micro to mid-sized businesses construct an online platform that resonates with their audience. I believe in actively listening to what clients have to say, building relationships with them, and finding the right audiences and opportunities.

After going through a health issue and sending my son off to college during a pandemic, I decided to reassess my business model. I wanted to create a simpler business model that would allow me to enjoy this new stage of life.

As I reflected, I listened to the needs of small business owners and discovered that I had similar needs. We had gaps in our stories, leaving out parts of the journey that got us to where we are today. This gap created a disconnect in our work and our communications.

I took the time to evaluate my 40 years of working experience and redesigned my business. I started to refer to this process as Tried & New, which I had been implementing with clients without even realizing it. I tested, learned, and listened for months, and now I focus on guiding clients as they tell their stories, leveraging tried and true strategies and new technologies to be visible to their perfect audiences.

My clients have expressed how empowering it is to see their stories through a new lens, and they feel prepared to be visible in an entirely new, powerful way.

Cravotta Media Group has plenty more to offer, including the Mix Tape-brand story video reels, the BeVisible.club learning and exploration community, and The Real 50 over 50, a visibility project featuring 50+ women who are quietly making a difference. Keep an eye out for upcoming projects!


I’m a big fan of collaboration over competition. The culture of my little business has always been centered around sharing what I know and supporting others… many of my friends, clients, and colleagues are of the same mindset, so I actively partner with exceptional entrepreneurs to share our knowledge, connections, and communities to grow intentionally and collectively.

The team is mostly me, and I bring on these trusted partners and brilliant young adults when needed or if you need a service we do not provide I’m happy to connect you to my trusted referral partners.


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