Donna Cravotta

is an Engaging Storyteller

She is available to speak at conferences, workshops, retreats, and as a guest expert on livestreams, webinars, and podcasts that serve high-level experts, small businesses, speakers, and authors.


Long Bio

Donna Cravotta is the CEO and Founder of Cravotta Media Group and the creator of mastermind, and The Real 50 over 50: The Wisdom Revolution, a visibility project featuring 100+ women over the age of 50 who are quietly, or not so quietly, making a difference.

After years of creating marketing strategies and building customized online platforms, Donna saw a recurring theme. Clients had gaps in their own stories. They left out parts of the journey that got them to where they are today. This gap created a disconnect in their work and in their marketing.

So she flipped her own story, spent a year evaluating 40 years of working experience, listened to and learned what small businesses need, and redesigned her business. Now, her focus is on guiding clients as they pull together all of the parts of their stories and mix tried-and-true strategies with new technology to be visible and connect with their perfect audiences.

Her clients have expressed how empowering it is to see their stories through a new lens and feel prepared to be visible in an entirely new way.

Short Bio (Podcast Introduction)

Donna Cravotta is the CEO and Founder of Cravotta Media Group and the creator of mastermind, and The Real 50 over 50: The Wisdom Revolution, a visibility project featuring 100+ women over the age of 50 who are quietly, or not so quietly, making a difference.

After 40 years of work, she redesigned her business to help authors, speakers, and small business owners combine all of the parts of their stories and mix tried-and-true strategies with new technology to be visible and connect with their perfect audiences.


TRIED & NEW: Gather What’s Tried & True + What’s New


All established thought leaders and businesses have amassed a valuable “body of work.” This content comes in all forms. Perhaps they are a series of blog posts, online courses, podcast interviews, social media posts, case studies, or actual books.

When these assets were created they were important… in most cases they still are, but you and your team are off to create the next best thing.

The more years we are in business, the more things we lose along the way. 

On the quest for the next best thing, you’re leaving some of your best work behind, and you’re left scrambling when new opportunities come up.

This creates a disconnect within ourselves and in our external communications. 

Filling the gaps in our stories builds self-trust. In turn, we also fill the gaps in our messaging and marketing. When we are whole with our stories, everything we create fully embodies who we are at our core. That includes creating content that builds trust with our perfect audience. When you become visible and connect with your curated audience, the relationship has already started. This changes the sales cycle and opens the door to possibilities you didn’t know existed. 

For years, Donna has taught her Tried & New methodology to clients and audiences, encouraging them to rethink their approach to content and stories. This presentation shares:

  • Where to find these hidden gems and how to integrate them into our stories to better connect and engage.
  • How to dust off your virtual bookshelf and recycle or “upcycle” your best content. Breathe new life into your stories, and create something entirely new that is fresh and targeted to the desired audience. And let go of the rest.
  • Leveraging new technology like Artificial Intelligence tools and strategies to minimize the mundane and make space to be more creative. 
  • The must-have marketing assets needed to pitch for speaking, media, and podcast opportunities. (Some of which may surprise you!)

PRACTICAL AI: How to Use It But Don’t Lose YOU


Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence or AI, but Donna has a different approach.

In this talk or workshop, Donna will take you through how to use AI tools and strategies, but not get lost in the frenzy. How to onboard your new marginally trustworthy assistant to take over the more mundane tasks, become your brainstorming buddy, and avoid the pitfalls and bot-related hallucinations.

Every business is different and has its own mix of challenges and solutions. Donna will share frameworks, tools, and strategies so you can create your own customized plan to utilize the ever-changing technology without going into overwhelm or sounding like Rosie the Robot.

You’ll learn:

  • A select toolset that’s either free or affordable and easy to use and customize.
  • How to communicate with the tools in a conversational way to obtain the best results.
  • What the technology does and does not do well.
  • Strategies for training the tools to pick up the cadence of your voice and how to build prompts and a workflow that makes sense for your unique business.
  • Ideas on how to spend the extra time.

THE REAL 50 OVER 50: The Wisdom Revolution


On February 17th, 2023, Donna woke up with an idea born from the Forbes 50 > 50 list.

As a woman well into her 50s, she appreciates visibility around debunking ageism and celebrations honoring the wisdom of midlife women. But … the Forbes 50 > 50 lists are missing a wide range of women.

The other women over 50 continue to learn, grow, connect, and make a difference.

They’re solo parents, helping their elder relatives, living with compromised health. They are our mothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, friends, mentors, and colleagues. They’re people we know.

The work they do matters. Their industries span healthcare, mental health, business and life coaching, holistic healing, dance, art, technology, marketing, legal, financial services, and more.

Donna wants everyone to know about them, to celebrate them, and to recognize that although they may be over 50, they’re just getting started.

So, she decided to take action and launched The Real 50 over 50: The Wisdom Revolution, a weekly LIVE interview series on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

This is a pure celebration with more than 100 women, so far who are quietly making a difference in lives, businesses, families, and communities.

This inspiring project is about amplifying their voices, their faces, and the good work they do. These are women over 50 that more people need to know about simply because they are awesome.

In this presentation, you’ll:

  • Meet some of these incredible women.
  • Learn about the collective impact they are making.
  • Be inspired to do the thing, take a leap, let something go, do better every day.


Donna Cravotta | Podcast Interview with host Iris Goldfeder Gas Stove Creative
Good Girls Get Rich | Donna Cravotta | Podcast Interview


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  • ASID NYC Chapter – Design a Social Media Strategy that Gets Results
  • WomenCon – Panel Discussion Participant on Social Media
  • She Leads Media – Panel Discussion Participant on Social Media
  • Sohuis Insider Community – Resident Mentor on the topics of social media, PR, and content development
  • Women Network/Burlington VT Chapter – Rethink Social Media with The Gather Method™
  • Etsy Workshop – Social Media and Content Strategies for Top-Tier Etsy Sellers
  • Intelysis Sales Meeting – Win Across the Board: 5 Lead Generating LinkedIn Strategies
  • FastTrac Entrepreneurial Training Program – Ongoing Guest Expert
  • Full Sail University – Using Social Media to Understand and Engage with Your Customers
  • Frequent Podcast Guest on the topics of:
    • The Real 50 over 50: The Wisdom Revolution
    • Storytelling
    • Practical AI for Small Businesses
    • Social Media Strategies
    • Visibility Strategies
    • Digital PR
    • Content Marketing
    • Relationship Marketing
    • Small Business
    • Women Entrepreneurs
    • Single Parenting


Donna adds a unique touch to her presentations by skillfully connecting with her audience. She recently spoke at one of my humor writing group meetings, and the attendees were thoroughly impressed by her level of expertise in the subject she presented. Donna exudes a warm demeanor, fostering mutual respect and attendee participation.  If you seek professionalism and proficiency for your upcoming event, I highly recommend Donna with a rating of five stars and more!”

Gina Ramsey
Founder of Finding the Funny, Ink
Author of Burnt Gloveboxes: Embracing Life When it Goes Up in Flames

“To say that Donna is a wealth of knowledge would be a disservice and an understatement. I am so grateful to have Donna as a key mentor for our community of female founders, as she elegantly explains complex marketing subjects in a way that’s actionable and understandable to female leaders and business owners. Donna is giving, compassionate, and deeply cares about the women she surrounds herself with. Thank you for everything you do for our us and the Sohuis community!”

Jessica Korthuis

”Donna Cravotta and I met at a networking event for Women Entrepreneurs. Her insights and approach to social media resonated with me so much that I asked her to be a Social-PR guest speaker for the FastTrac program. For over 2 years she participated as a guest expert and wowed the crowd every time.”

Donna Russo
Former Program Manager
SUNY Levin Institute

“We engaged Donna to speak to our ASID chapter members. Most are not fans of social media, but Donna crafted a custom presentation, which was apparent and  offered an entirely new perspective. She focused on listening and relationship building, these are skills we all have, but she exhibited how we can use the tools we have always used to build our businesses in an entirely new way. Fresh, engaging, and she is funny too.”

Phyllis Harbinger, ASID, NCIDQ, CID
Certified Interior Designer and Author
President, ASID NY Metro Chapter 2014/2015
Design Concepts Interiors

“Over the years, we have had a LOT of speakers come and present on social media and PR strategies. Donna has become my go-to person for this. Her message is so simple and easy to follow and do, it make the “job” fun. And the results soon follow. I recommend you work with Donna if you ever get the chance.”

Stefan Doering
BEST Coaches, Inc

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