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Donna Cravotta

is a Dynamic and Engaging Presenter

Her direct, inspiring, and innovative approach to storytelling invites the audience to rethink their approach to their own tales.

She is available to speak about her signature methodology The Gather Method™ at conferences, workshops, retreats, and as a featured guest expert on livestreams, webinars, and podcasts that serve high-level experts, small businesses, speakers, and authors.

Gather Your Story



All established thought leaders and businesses have amassed a valuable “body of work.” This content comes in all forms, perhaps they are a series of blog posts, online courses, podcast interviews, social media posts, case studies, or actual books.

When these assets were created they were important… in most cases they still are, but you and your team are off to create the next best thing.

With her Gather Method™, Donna has been teaching her clients and audience to rethink their approach to their content and their stories for years.

This presentation walks through where to find these hidden gems and how to integrate them into our stories to better engage and connect.

Dust off your virtual bookshelf and recycle or “upcycle” your best content. Breathe new life into your stories, and create something entirely new that is fresh and targeted to the desired audience.

Donna will also discuss the marketing assets needed to pitch for speaking, media, and podcast opportunities.



Tapping into personal experiences and regaling stories over and over can be challenging for people who are introverts or neurodivergent.

Yet it is a critical component in building meaningful, longstanding relationships.

The solution is to have those stories crafted into story-driven marketing assets so you can bypass the stressful part and simply share them in your marketing and communications so you can focus on the parts that are comfortable to you.




This presentation is geared toward agencies, organizations, and communities (PR agencies, book publishers, speaker bureaus, book/speaker coaches, and networking communities).

Donna is a connector and has built three ways to partner into the fabric of her business with Visibility Packages for Authors and Speakers.

  1. Referral/Affiliate Partners: These story-driven assets are easy to refer to individuals or groups. This level of partnership opens up a new revenue stream.
  2. Agency Partners: This can also be a white-labeled service that agencies can add to their contracts at a discount.
  3. Referral Community Partner: This is a community of awesome, trusted people and businesses that support authors and speakers. 

In this presentation, Donna will share how she makes these connections and the benefits and impact of leveraging the talent and expertise of partner relationships.



  • ASID NYC Chapter – Design a Social Media Strategy that Gets Results
  • WomenCon – Panel Discussion Participant on Social Media
  • She Leads Media – Panel Discussion Participant on Social Media
  • Sohuis Insider Community – Resident Mentor on the topics of social media, PR, and content development
  • Women Network/Burlington VT Chapter – Rethink Social Media with The Gather Method™
  • Etsy Workshop – Social Media and Content Strategies for Top-Tier Etsy Sellers
  • Intelysis Sales Meeting – Win Across the Board: 5 Lead Generating LinkedIn Strategies
  • FastTrac Entrepreneurial Training Program – Ongoing Guest Expert
  • Full Sail University – Using Social Media to Understand and Engage with Your Customers
  • Frequent Podcast Guest and Guest Blogger on the topics of:
    • Storytelling
    • Social Media
    • Social Listening
    • Digital PR
    • Social Intelligence
    • Content Marketing
    • Relationship Marketing
    • Small Business
    • Women Entrepreneurs
    • Single Parenting


“To say that Donna is a wealth of knowledge would be a disservice and an understatement. I am so grateful to have Donna as a key mentor for our community of female founders, as she elegantly explains complex marketing subjects in a way that’s actionable and understandable to female leaders and business owners. Donna is giving, compassionate, and deeply cares about the women she surrounds herself with. Thank you for everything you do for our us and the Sohuis community!”

Jessica Korthuis

”Donna Cravotta and I met at a networking event for Women Entrepreneurs. Her insights and approach to social media resonated with me so much that I asked her to be a Social-PR guest speaker for the FastTrac program. For over 2 years she participated as a guest expert and wowed the crowd every time.”

Donna Russo
Former Program Manager
SUNY Levin Institute

“We engaged Donna to speak to our ASID chapter members. Most are not fans of social media, but Donna crafted a custom presentation, which was apparent and  offered an entirely new perspective. She focused on listening and relationship building, these are skills we all have, but she exhibited how we can use the tools we have always used to build our businesses in an entirely new way. Fresh, engaging, and she is funny too.”

Phyllis Harbinger, ASID, NCIDQ, CID
Certified Interior Designer and Author
President, ASID NY Metro Chapter 2014/2015
Design Concepts Interiors

“Over the years, we have had a LOT of speakers come and present on social media and PR strategies. Donna has become my go-to person for this. Her message is so simple and easy to follow and do, it make the “job” fun. And the results soon follow. I recommend you work with Donna if you ever get the chance.”

Stefan Doering
BEST Coaches, Inc

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