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Are you telling the story of your book or the impact you make from the stage or podcast?

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Donna Cravotta
Founder, CEO

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Authors, Speakers & Podcasters – are your assets covered?

If you’re an author, speaker, or podcaster, your marketing assets are key to helping you stand out and connect with the right people. Yet so many content creators do not have their assets covered.

That’s where our Visibility Packages for Authors, Speakers & Podcasters come in. These done-for-you marketing assets will help you stay above the noise in the ever-increasing crowded online world.

I’ve worked with content creators for years, and if there is one thing I’ve learned is that opportunities happen when you least expect them, and you must be prepared to land them.


Why we created the Visibility Packages for Authors, Speakers& Podcasters

After scrambling to whip clients into a state of being media-ready for years, the time has come to stop the madness and be ahead of the melee with an official offering.

Every author, speaker, and podcaster needs these assets in their marketing toolbox. I see the opportunities unfold when clients are media-ready.

As I was creating this offering, it was important that everything be super simple. Starting with the name, it’s not sexy, but it is literal. There is no confusion about what this might be or how easy it could be to share your story organically.

The stories are crafted to focus on the story, not the sale. It’s about introducing a speaker or author as a human, to build a relationship and touch the hearts of the viewer, so they want to learn more, they want to connect, they want to buy your book, invite you to speak on their stage, or feature you to their valued audience.

I’m very excited to share this with the world. The impact these story-driven marketing assets can make is exponential. Plus, it’s hard trying to tell your own story, which is why most people do not already have these assets and why they are so needed.

Here’s to telling YOUR story.

Donna Cravotta

Are you prepared?


being media-ready

Are you ready to pitch that perfect media outlet, podcast, or speaking event or to respond when they find YOU?


Do you have videos that tell the story of your book, your speaking platform, or a mix tape – a mini-movie about just about anything? How about branded speaker and book kits that are easy to view, share, and download?


in person meetings are back

Do you know what’s better than a business card? Stacks of postcards and bookmarks at your fingertips to keep that first impression going.


small businesses

speakers & experts

authors & content creators

The Real 50 over 50

As a woman well into my 50s, I appreciate visibility around ageism and celebrations honoring the wisdom we bring to the world.

But… even with the best intentions, Forbes and their 50 over 50 lists are missing a wide range of women who are changing lives, communities, and the world daily.

I made a list starting with the women I know personally, and within a few minutes, I hit 50 names. This list is growing.

I decided to do something about it. March includes celebrations for Women’s month, week, and day. I am hosting The Real 50 over 50: Incredible Women Who Are Quietly Making a Difference.

Celebrations should NOT be limited to a month. Instead, this will run for a year, maybe longer. Join one of my guests and me every Wednesday at noon ET for a brief interview.

This is a pure celebration, with nothing to buy, nothing to pitch. It’s about amplifying women over 50 that more people should know about simply because they are awesome.


Join the Kickoff Party LIVE

Tuesday, March 14th @ noon ET