Are you telling the stories of your business?

Your story is the heart of your business, but most small business owners have gaps in their stories… learn more about the different ways we can help.

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Mix Tape Reels & Media Kits

The Real 50 over 50

Strategy & Consulting

Are you overwhelmed by the ever changing landscape of the online world?

This is what I keep hearing.

And while it is overwhelming, it’s also inspiring. We are living and working in a time of massive change.

For those in midlife, it’s even more of a change but also an unexpected opportunity.

We have the advantage of knowing how things were and being part of what’s new.

Yes, it is scary, but the toothpaste is not going back into the tube, so, like it or not, we ARE part of this.

This is precisely why I created It’s a private, intentional community where we can gather to learn, grow, share, and work together to figure out how and where we need to show up. Diagram | Cravotta Media Group

Mix Tape Reels & Media Kits

Are you telling the story of your small business?

If you’re an author, speaker, expert, or content creator of any kind, your story is what helps you stand out and connect with the right people.

While you are off doing other things, your story could be out in the world building relationships with the people you want to meet.

We all have stories and so do our businesses. Let’s discuss how we help you tell yours.

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The Real 50 over 50 Visibility Project

The Real 50 over 50 | Cravotta Media Group

As a woman well into my 50s, I have experienced ageism.

I appreciate any celebration of women who are aging powerfully, but even with the best intentions, Forbes and their 50 over 50 lists are missing a wide range of women who are changing lives, communities, and dare I say the world daily.

So I’m doing something about it. I’ve gathered more than 50 women (and counting) and created: The Real 50 over 50: Incredible Women Who Are Quietly Making a Difference.

Here is how YOU can help grow the movement:

  • Join one of my guests and me every Wednesday at noon ET for a LIVE interview on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Visit the webpage and learn more about the amazing women involved. Or binge past interviews
  • Like, share, comment, and invite your friends – use the hashtag #TheReal50over50
  • Stay tuned. There is much more in the works, we are just getting started!

This is a pure celebration, with nothing to buy, nothing to pitch. It’s about amplifying women over 50 that more people should know about simply because they are awesome.


Why I do what I do

I’ve spent the past year redesigning my business. I listened and learned what small business owners needed, including ME. I’m a small business owner too. There were a few recurring themes:

  • People were not telling their stories. The story gap left out parts of the journey, the trials and successes that got them to where they are today. This gap creates a disconnect in their work and in their communications/marketing.
  • The frustration level of trying to wrangle the online world is through the roof.
  • There are so many options and so many gurus, people are confused about what they need and what, and who, to invest in.
  • Artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT are changing everything and moving too fast to keep up.
  • Time, resources, and money are strained. There is only so much one small business owner can do.

The Tried & New methodology was born out of this time of exploration and introspection. I saw that small businesses still needed the strategies that worked in the past, PR, content development and marketing, and identifying and building relationships with their audience. These are all tied to their experience and their human side. It’s who they are, their work, what they are known for. So I took strategies and content I had been using for years and updated them.

Then there is the New part. AI has taken the world by storm, and how we work has changed in a few short months. But we are only getting started. Every tool we use will change, and our processes and how we think will also change. 

I pulled them together and created – an intentional, affordable community where we can learn, explore, and work together so we do not get left behind. 

This methodology is woven throughout the mix tape reels and The Real 50 over 50 Visibility Project. I am dedicated to guiding clients and colleagues as they pull together all of the parts of their stories and mix tried and true strategies with what’s new to be visible to their perfect audiences. 

The way forward is through sharing stories, streamlined processes, and collaboration. Let’s learn to use the tools, not allow them to use us.

Here’s to telling your FULL story.

Donna Cravotta