Do You Feel Invisible?

are you a speaker, author, entrepreneur?


Are you confused about AI and feel left-behind?

Have you had a successful business for a while, but what you did then does not work now?

Are you making changes in your business and not sure what to do next?

Do you have a mountain of content that is collecting digital dust?

I CREATED SOMETHING FOR YOU Diagram | Cravotta Media Group
  • reconnect to your story
  • find your audience
  • create meaningful content
  • land media opportunities
  • learn and grow in community

What if we took a different approach?

Reconnected to our stories | Listened first | Understood our audience


Authors, Speakers, Entrepreneurs

  • Who are established
  • Purpose-led
  • In transition or feeling discontent
  • Ready to move forward, but not sure what to do
  • Curious and excited about AI, but overwhelmed
  • Lonely and tired of working alone
  • Knows there is a better way
  • Has a ton of brilliant content
  • Appreciates the lessons learned through the process

I have known and worked with Donna for years. She has opened my eyes to my story, opportunities, and who my clients are, so many times I’ve lost count. She has this ability to zero in and find opportunities that seem to be waiting for me.

It’s hard to put into words what she does. I’ve never experienced anything like it. She just knows what you need, where to find it, and then has a strategy for how to make it happen. 

What she has built in the is incredible. And with the creative way she uses AI, I’ve become a better writer. This learning community is helping me continue to grow my business and connect more deeply with my audience for the long term. I’m never leaving.”

Stephanie Dalfonzo

Integrative Hypnotist, Speaker, Author



What’s covered inside 

Many of the strategies that worked even a few months ago will not work in the future. primarily focuses on the things that will not change. Listening to your audience. Building relationships that last based on shared values and trust. Being one with your story and how you help others.


  • Why knowing and sharing your story is more important than ever
  • Your perfect audience is more than potential clients
  • Understanding what matters to your perfect audience is the foundation of your business
  • How to leverage what you already have to build trust and relationships with your ideal audience that result in opportunities you didn’t know existed
  • The impact of PR in your marketing mix
  • How to creatively use tools like AI, ChatGPT, and other new technologies to save time, stay out of overwhelm, and be prepared for constant change
  • And a community of people to do the work together…



Gather the parts of your story. What stays, what goes, what goes away, what’s upcycled, what’s for sale?

Audience Development

Learn how to identify, find, connect, and build relationships with your perfect audience.


Build a strategic content plan that includes what you already have and what needs to be added.


There is an entire PR Masterclass – before, during, and after the interview for podcasts, media, and speaking.


Learn to use AI tools creatively and strategically. Take advantage of this unexpected gift for small business.

the community

This is the BEST part. We’re growing a business family to work together as everything continues to change.

The BIG Tried & New Workbook

The BIG Tried & New Workbook is your personal roadmap to intentional visibility. 

The Tried & New coursework and workbook were created through various sources. It represents the work I’ve done with clients and in my own business for years all gathered in one place.

We all have different ways of learning and working, if you prefer to write, print it out, if you work online, click and type. Your choice.

The Braintrust

The Braintrust is the perfect sidekick to The Big Tried & New Workbook. It’s a simple spreadsheet, I’ve used with clients for years. I like to think of it as an advisory board. Each tab represents another member.

This is where you will gather lists of things to support your visibility plan. It can include: keywords, media lists, hashtags, influencers, ideas, tracking forms, and so much more. It’s a personal visibility CRM. When gather things in one place, new ideas pop-up.

“Since I met Donna, I have found that she is a powerhouse of knowledge and creativity in her work and that she quickly understands you, your business, and your needs.

I would venture to say she is above 95% of people working in marketing and AI in terms of her ability to translate all of the technical into workable, exciting, and transformative results that you can use to help you define and reach your business goals.

She is both brilliant and so caring . She is a powerful partner, teacher, and mentor and you feel totally supported and know that no one will work harder for you.”

Marybeth Gregg

The International Center for Women's Leadership & Gregg Resources

Tried & New Webinar | Cravotta Media Group
  • This is the content
  • Presentations cover the WHY
  • How-to videos show you what to do
  • The BIG Workbook is your personal roadmap to BeVisible
  • Plus tools, resources, and more



We lose parts of our story along the way 

After years of working and/or owning a business, we forget what we’ve accomplished, the things that were our primary focus 3 years ago, the bits and pieces of unfinished projects that linger and languish somewhere online. This is ALL part of our story.

When we leave them out, we create a disconnect with ourselves and how we communicate with others.

This is often when we look for someone else who has all of the answers… yet deep down we know regardless of what we pay, they cannot help.

Then comes the regret, frustration, and disillusionment.

The first pillar of the Tried & New process is to reconnect with our stories. Pull together all of the parts we lost along the way. It’s pretty incredible how we don’t even realize this is happening.

Next up is finding and connecting with our audience

The next pillar of the Tried & New process is to explore the segments of our audience. It’s so much more than everyone or potential clients.

We follow the lead. of Seth Godin’s smallest viable audience. The process takes you through understanding your own values, the values of your audience, listening to learn what they need, where they gather online and off, what they care about, and how you can best serve them.

It’s incredibly powerful and simplifies everything you do going forward.

Then we work on the content pillar

What do you already have? Let’s start there.

What do you need?

How can we knit it together so it speaks to your perfect audience, is easy to manage, and it’s out there building relationships for you while you’re off doing other things.

The final pillar is media

People often want to fast track and start here, but that is not my recommendation.

Build the platform first, then amplify your voice. You only get one first impression and that really matters in the PR world.

Tried & New includes a full-on PR Masterclass that I’ve been teaching for years. It covers everything you need for pitching and leveraging media, podcast, and speaking opportunities – before, during, and after the interview.

Throughout there are recommendations for tools, resources, and support for your specific goals and challenges.

We all reach a point in life when we stand at a crossroad. For me, Donna illuminated the path.

I love attending the BeVisible calls, but the biggest impact came from the strategy sessions. It’s like having a personal guide as you redesign your business to one that fits perfectly. I remember who I am and what I am meant to do.

Sara Canuso

Inner Strategist and Master Connector

I’ve been testing and engaging with AI tools for over a year now. My preferred way to work with them is collaboratively. Something I like to call COMBINED INTELLIGENCE

Combine what we already know + the endless data available to us through AI tools to create something entirely new

Donna is always showing us what’s possible about using AI to make our businesses more visible. But it’s not just about visibility, it’s about using these cutting edge tools with thoughtful ingenuity to make our voice, our communication, and our brand expression more true.

She’s always been a master of repurposing assets but with AI, it’s a whole new game and even though I feel hopelessly behind in some aspects like content creation I feel light years ahead in innovating with these tools. It’s like traveling to Italy, and instead of being frustrated by a language I can’t speak fluently, it’s like a local led me to the best gelato place, and I get to skip past overwhelm and go straight to delight.

For all of us in service based businesses I strongly believe that it’s our job to ease the lift for our clients—get them over our specific hurdle faster and easier so they can skip right to the gelato. Donna’s doing that for us in this extremely fast-changing world of AI but with such a deft touch that you never feel lost, only excited to jump in and try it out.
Brynn Breuner

MindSpark Branding




Tried & New Course – Storytelling, Audience, Content, Media

AI Prompt Library

The BIG Workbook-Roadmap

3-4 months guided courses

2x LIVE Monthly Calls

Real Support

Interactive Community

Templates, Resources, Tools

Built on Heartbeat platform


Annual – Premium

Tried & New Course – Storytelling, Audience, Content, Media

AI Prompt Library

The BIG Workbook-Roadmap

3-4 months guided courses

2x LIVE Monthly Calls

Real Support

Interactive Community

Templates, Resources, Tools

Built on Heartbeat platform

4 Quarterly 1:1 Strategy Sessions

Hey I'm Donna Cravotta

I’m the CEO and Founder of Cravotta Media Group and the creator of the Mix Tape-brand story video reels, the learning community, and The Real 50 over 50: The Wisdom Revolution, a visibility project featuring 50+ women who are quietly making a difference.

After years of creating strategies and building customized online platforms, I saw a recurring theme. Clients had gaps in their own stories. They left out parts of the journey that got them to where they are today. This gap created a disconnect in their work and in their marketing. 

So I flipped my own story, spent a year evaluating my own story and 40 years of work experience to learn how to help in a deeper way. Now I focus on guiding clients as they pull together all of the parts to their stories and mix tried and true strategies with new technology to be visible to their perfect audiences. 

Clients have shared that seeing their story through a new lens is empowering, and they feel prepared to be visible in an entirely new way. 

Donna Cravotta | Speaker

With the support of Donna and the BeVisible community, I up-leveled my brand and my website. My business just grew in all the right places.

I wasn’t even expecting that.

Rob Schellert

Liminal Resourcing



Can I add a team member?

YES! Contact us for details.

Do you have a payment plan?


On the order form, there are payment plan options through third-party vendors who offer Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) options. You can learn more about them in this article by Stripe

NOTE: The BNPL payment plans are only available in the US.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of digital products and all of the content available upon joining. No refunds are offered.

Do you offer individual strategy sessions?

YES! There is a Premium option to add on FOUR 1:1 60 minute strategy sessions with your annual membership. 

Also visit our Services page for additional options.

When are the group calls?

Unless otherwise noted. Group calls are held on the 1st Thursday from 2-3pm ET and the 3rd Monday from 1-2pm ET. All calls are recorded and available in Heartbeat.

Do I need to pay to access Heartbeat?

NO! You will be invited to join Heartbeat, our membership community at no additional cost. It’s important to sign-up because that is where all of the content is maintained and all of the fun happens.

    What will I have access to?

    A LOT!

    • The Heartbeat membership community – some incredible people
    • The full Tried & New course, including all modules, templates, workbooks, resources, AI Prompt Library
    • Topics covered:
      • Storytelling
      • Audience development
      • Content creation, strategy, and repurposing
      • PR Master Class (speaking, podcast guesting, media)
    • 2x monthly LIVE support calls via Zoom + recordings
    • Ask questions at any time in Heartbeat – we will even answer them!
    • Matchups – group activities where members can work together
    • Guest experts (coming soon)
    • And more… I love to surprise my business family
    Do I need to finish the content in a set amount of time?


    This is a learning community.

    We will start off the year doing the work together for 3-4 months.

    It’s set-up to support you and your business as you work through the various visibility strategies and have the ability to revisit parts of this content to keep up with the changes that will happen.

    We are all at different stages of business, and due to the nature of the work, you will need to revisit parts of the content as your business and goals grow and change. Unless otherwise noted, you will have access to everything immediately. New content is added regularly.


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