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I’ve been listening to small business owners, and they’ve said is…

  • They crave community and collaboration, and they’re tired of working alone.
  • Everything is changing, and it’s hard to keep up.
  • No matter how much they create, it’s never enough.
  • They want to know… where are all the people I WANT to meet?

In my own experience of redesigning my business and lots of conversations about how entrepreneurs are feeling about their own businesses, what I’m seeing is that after COVID and other disruptive experiences, people are frustrated, they have lost connection to their own stories, and don’t want to bother getting on board with the next BIG Thing.

This is exactly why I created It’s a safe, supportive community where our growing business family can gather to do all this and more together.

WHAT IS BE VISIBLE.CLUB? is a Tried & New Learning Community

I have been seeking a community that feels like home and I could not find one, so I decided to build one.

A place to learn, explore, try new things, meet new people, have fun, be creative, and step away from the things people have told us to do to build our small businesses, but never really feel right.

This is exactly why I created It’s a learning community and exploration space where we can meet and figure this out together.


What is Tried & New?

Before we dig into what is inside the community, let me explain what Tried & New is.

Initially Tried & New was about gathering what you already had to tell a new story. After the release of ChatGPT, we needed to create the 2.0 version which is about mixing tried and true strategies with new technology.

The TRIED part includes marketing, PR, content, personal branding, storytelling, and more. It is all about gathering what you already have and using it to share your stories, find your audience, and amplify through media opportunities.

The NEW part brings in how we can use these new artificial intelligence tools in a way that is not overwhelming and makes sense with the work we do every day in our small businesses.

This is a full course that is included in the community and is available to all members. 

I’ve been studying AI and ChatGPT for months now. I’m not claiming to be an expert, but I know enough to know how to use it with tried strategies, it’s not going away, and we all need to learn how to incorporate what’s new into the way we work.


Behind the scenes of building BeVisible.Club 

I’ve hosted two live events about my new baby. A few of the topics covered are listed below, and you can watch them if you like. 

  • Why knowing and sharing your story is more important than ever
  • Your ideal audience is more than potential clients
  • Understanding what matters to your ideal audience is the foundation of your business
  • How to leverage what you already have to build trust and relationships with your ideal audience that result in opportunities you didn’t know existed
  • The impact of PR in your marketing mix
  • How to creatively use AI, ChatGPT, and new technologies to save time, stay out of overwhelm, and be prepared for constant change
  • and more…

I also created a brief behind-the-scenes video of what I’m building…

Below are all three videos, but the one to watch is the first one, the behind-the-scenes video. It’s short, about 18 minutes, and you can see the unfinished product.

See what's being built behind-the-scenes

Watch the replay of a livestream about

Watch the replay of a webinar about the Tried & New methodology

Tried & New Course

I’ve taken myself through a Tried & New process and created a one-of-a-kind learning experience where you can learn to:

  • Gather Your Story
  • Find Your Audience
  • Pitch the Media

Interactive workbook

Interactive workbook to guide you through the Tried & New course

Custom chatGPT apps

Take the guesswork out of writing prompts with custom ChatGPT apps built into the Tried & New course and in the community

private community

Customized on the Heartbeat platform. Everything happens there.

Available on desktop and Android and iOS apps

live calls

Twice a month LIVE support calls or guest expert

All calls are recorded and available in Heartbeat


This is the beginning of an ongoing learning and exploration space.

There will be new features and opportunities as we grow



Artificial Intelligence is not a concept far into the future… It’s here NOW and moving fast

AI tools are not new, we have been using them for years. We use Siri, Alexa, Grammarly, Waze, and so many more every day. We lean on these tools and appreciate that they make the little things easier and save us time and precious energy.

It’s here to stay and can help us with many things…

But the ability to create content fast without thinking about it will create a rush of space junk.

Don’t get caught in the mess. Learn how to leverage these tools. They will change:

  • How we work
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Communications
  • Media
  • Online search
  • Financial institutions
  • How we think, respond, seek, and process information
Your Story | Cravotta Media Group

What AI Tools Can Do

  • research
  • brainstorm
  • repurpose content
  • summarize content
  • gather quotes
  • menu planning
  • write shitty first drafts for: emails, marketing copy, social media, and more…

The Drawbacks of AI Tools

  • AI has no emotion
  • No story
  • It’s trained to string words together in a logical formation
  • And built upon a Large Learning Model or LLM which is basically a pool of content through September 2021. This includes content with bias and false information
  • Basically… AI tools cannot BE YOU
  • Consider AI tools to be an almost trusty sidekick


Hey I'm Donna Cravotta

I’m the CEO and Founder of Cravotta Media Group and the creator of the Mix Tape-brand story video reels, the learning and exploration community, and The Real 50 over 50, a visibility project featuring 50+ women who are quietly making a difference.

After years of creating strategies and building customized online platforms, I saw a recurring theme. Clients had gaps in their own stories. They left out parts of the journey that got them to where they are today. This gap created a disconnect in their work and in their marketing. 

So I flipped my own story, spent a year learning how to help, and now focus on guiding clients as they pull together all of the parts to their stories and mix tried and true strategies with new technology to be visible to their perfect audiences. 

Clients have shared that seeing their story through a new lens is empowering, and they feel prepared to be visible in an entirely new way. 

Donna Cravotta | Speaker


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