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The way we do business has changed… and it will only move faster

I listen. That is my strategy for just about everything. This is what I’ve been hearing from small business owners:

  • They crave community and collaboration, and they’re tired of working alone.
  • Everything is changing, and it’s hard to keep up.
  • No matter how much they create, it’s never enough.
  • Social media is not worth the effort.
  • They want to know… where are all the people I WANT to meet?

In my own experience of redesigning my business and lots of conversations about how entrepreneurs are feeling about their own businesses, what I’m seeing is that after COVID and other disruptive experiences, people are frustrated, they have lost connection to their own stories, and don’t want to bother getting on board with the next BIG Thing.

I too have been seeking a community that feels like home. I could not find one, so I decided to build one.

A place to learn, explore, try new things, meet new people, have fun, be creative, and step away from the things people have told us to do to build our small businesses, but never really feel right.

This is exactly why I created It’s a safe, supportive community where our growing business family can gather to stay out of the noise and do work that matters, together.




What’s covered inside 

Many of the strategies that worked even a few months ago will not work in the future. primarily focuses on the things that will not change. Listening to your audience. Building relationships that last based on shared values and trust. Being one with your story and how you help others.

PLUS creatively and practically applying AI tools into the mix.

  • Why knowing and sharing your story is more important than ever
  • Your perfect audience is more than potential clients
  • Understanding what matters to your perfect audience is the foundation of your business
  • How to leverage what you already have to build trust and relationships with your ideal audience that result in opportunities you didn’t know existed
  • The impact of PR in your marketing mix
  • How to creatively use tools like AI, ChatGPT, and other new technologies to save time, stay out of overwhelm, and be prepared for constant change
  • And a community of people to do the work together…


“I have known and worked with Donna for years. She has opened my eyes to my story, opportunities, and who my clients are, so many times I’ve lost count. She has this ability to zero in and find opportunities that seem to be waiting for me.

It’s hard to put into words what she does. I’ve never experienced anything like it. She just knows what you need, where to find it, and then has a strategy for how to make it happen. I

What she has built in the community is incredible. And with the creative way she uses AI, I’ve become a better writer.

This will help me continue to grow my business and connect more deeply with my audience for the long term.”

Stephanie Dalfonzo

Integrative Hypnotist, Speaker, Author

“Donna mines for gold.

When she first presents a strategy to you it’s like, maybe I resonate with this. Then, when you start to dig in and see the natural connections, it blows you away.

This is exactly where I need to be. These are the exact conversations I need to be in.

The tools she recommends, and how she uses them alone are worth the price of admission… She does the research and makes it easy for us to work at a much higher level.”

Rev. Vivian Brocato

Punx and Monx

I was stuck.

You turned the lights on – and I LOVE the BeVisible community.

I always want you by my side.”

Sara Canuso

Brand Strategist

With the support of Donna and the BeVisible community, I up-leveled my brand and my website.

I wasn’t even expecting that.”

Rob Schellert

Liminal Resourcing


Your Story | Cravotta Media Group

The Community

  • Interactive community
  • Built on the Heartbeat platform – built-in ways to connect and communicate
  • Work and grow together
  • Guest experts 
  • Shared opportunities
Tried & New Webinar | Cravotta Media Group

the course

  • 4 modules: Storytelling, Audience, Content, PR
  • Extensive AI Prompt Library
  • Interactive workbooks
  • A planner
  • 2x monthly LIVE calls
  • Real support
  • Templates, resources, tools


Go through the Tried & New process to gather all the parts of your story.


Learn how to find and connect with your perfect audience.


Build a strategic content plan that includes what you already have and what needs to be added.


There is an entire PR Masterclass – before, during, and after the interview for podcasts, media, and speaking.


Learn how to use AI tools creatively and strategically. Take advantage of this unexpected gift for small business.

the community

This is the BEST part. We’re growing a business family to work together as everything we do continues to change.




Tried & New Course – Storytelling, Audience, Content, PR

AI Prompt Library

Interactive Workbooks


2x LIVE Monthly Calls

Real Support

Interactive Community

Templates, Resources, Tools

Built on Heartbeat platform


Annual – Premium

Tried & New Course – Storytelling, Audience, Content, PR

AI Prompt Library

Interactive Workbooks


2x LIVE Monthly Calls

Real Support

Interactive Community

Templates, Resources, Tools

Built on Heartbeat platform

Quarterly 1:1 Strategy Sessions

Hey I'm Donna Cravotta

I’m the CEO and Founder of Cravotta Media Group and the creator of the Mix Tape-brand story video reels, the learning and exploration community, and The Real 50 over 50, a visibility project featuring 50+ women who are quietly making a difference.

After years of creating strategies and building customized online platforms, I saw a recurring theme. Clients had gaps in their own stories. They left out parts of the journey that got them to where they are today. This gap created a disconnect in their work and in their marketing. 

So I flipped my own story, spent a year learning how to help, and now focus on guiding clients as they pull together all of the parts to their stories and mix tried and true strategies with new technology to be visible to their perfect audiences. 

Clients have shared that seeing their story through a new lens is empowering, and they feel prepared to be visible in an entirely new way. 

Donna Cravotta | Speaker



Can I add a team member?

YES! There is an administrative fee of $300 to add a team member on the order form. The guidelines are listed below:

  • Team members will have everything they need to support members in Heartbeat.
  • Team members WILL be invited to join the Heartbeat platform (no fee to them or you) and will have access to: all content in the Tried & New course, resources, templates, all files under Documents, including the AI prompt library, Threads, and the workbooks.
  • The presentations I have been sharing on the calls are in the Trued & New course materials the team members will access. I need to add a few but they will be added this week.
  • Team members will NOT have access to the Events section, which includes bi-monthly calls, the recordings of the calls, and any guest expert events. They will also NOT have access to the Matchups section, a place for members to match up and work together. They will not be listed in the Directory, and can only DM administrators, not other members. If you participate in group or 1:1 strategy sessions, they will not be invited to attend. You will receive recordings of your segment of a group strategy session and can share that with your team members.
  • We charge a fee for this service because team members can ask questions in Heartbeat via DM and in the Questions threads, and we will provide answers, direct them to the content they need, and support them in their support of you.
  • The reason why we do not extend access for team members to Events and Matchups is because they are safe spaces for members to work together, feel comfortable sharing freely on the calls and in the matchups. Guest expert events are bonuses for members.
  • Access for team members provides all of the information they will need to support you in the work that needs to be done in your business. It is also a benefit. They will learn things they likely don’t know.

If you want to add more than one team member or are already a member of BeVisible and want to add a team member, send us an email.

Do you have a payment plan?

YES. On the order form, you can select to pay through a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service through our shopping cart ThriveCart/Stripe. The services are: Klarna or AfterPay. When you select the option you would like, you can review the current terms and conditions. 

Do you offer refunds?

YES, we offer a 30 day Zero-risk policy: cancel within 30 days of the date you signed-up for a full refund, minus any bank fees incurred. There are no refunds after the initial 30 days.

Do I need to pay to access Heartbeat?

NO! You will be invited to join Heartbeat, our membership community at no additional cost. It’s important to sign-up that is where all of the content is maintained and all of the fun happens.

    What will I have access to?

    A LOT!

    • The Heartbeat membership community – some incredible people
    • The full Tried & New course, including all modules, templates, workbooks, resources, AI Prompt Library
    • Topics covered:
      • Storytelling
      • Audience development
      • Content creation, strategy, and repurposing
      • PR Master Class (speaking, podcast guesting, media)
    • 2x monthly LIVE support calls via Zoom + recordings
    • Ask questions at any time in Heartbeat – we will even answer them!
    • Matchups – group activities where members can work together 
    • Guest experts (coming soon)
    • And more… I love to surprise my business family
    Do I need to finish the content in a set amount of time?

    NO! This is a learning community. It’s set-up to support you and your business as you work through the various visibility strategies. There is a getting started section, but we are all at different stages of business and due to the nature of the work you will need to revisit parts of the content as your business and goals grow and change. You will have access to everything immediately. New content is added regularly.


    Send us an email.

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