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Curate People, Ideas & Opportunities that Expand Your Business

In the time of COVID-19 being connected is more important than ever. An entire workforce of people have joined the online world and the noise will continue to get louder. The ability to be seen and heard will increasingly become for challenging. Everyone will have something to sell and those of us that have been living and working online for years definitely have an advantage, but we can easily be drowned out.

Before you start panicking and…

  • Throw money at digital ads
  • Jab your finger on the Instagram Live button while wondering what the heck am I going to say?
  • Hire teams of gurus pushing the newest, shinest bauble
  • Randomly looking for perfect clients only to land in the wrong communities that fill your screen with irrelevant chatbots and spam
  • Watch your limited resources move into the red
  • Wonder about the opportunities you’re missing and how you will ever survive this mess


Let’s turn that around. Where you see frustration and feel like time, money, and resources have been wasted… I see an untapped portal of opportunity.

The one thing you can count on is that social media and online platforms WILL constantly change. So we all need to accept that and work from there.

The way to keep ahead of the madness is to be deeply connected to a gathered small audience of people that care about the same things you do, know exactly how to speak to them so they can hear you, and build sustainable relationships that go beyond a one-time sale.

This is why I’ve created GATHER a 1/2 day LIVE virtual Masterclass that teaches the people behind a personal brand how to find and connect with the right audience and stop talking to themselves online.


Since the beginning of time humans gather… We crave connection, relationships, and the need to be seen and understood.

Fast forward to today and it’s no different online, it simply takes a bit of a different approach.

Think about what happens when you gather in community with family or friends or in a business context.

Conversations happen. Ideas spark. We are drawn to the people we like and respect and our community grows intentionally. With people we choose to spend more time with.

Again… it’s no different online. How many people are you randomly connected to and have no idea who they are?

Heads up… random never works!

Instead, when you know who you want to connect with and why everything becomes infinitely easier.  When you deeply know your audience and their behaviors, the words they use and respond to, and why you are their solution, you know how to talk to them and provide what they seek.

Donna knows her stuff, over-delivers content you never even knew you needed, but she did. You will not be disappointed! She has a fresh take on building relationships using modern online tools that produce results. If you are sick of social selling and want to find your tribe Donna can help you find them.

Michelle McGlade

Evolution Expert


This is a LIVE VIRTUAL Masterclass – stay in your PJs all day if you like.

We’ll spend 4 hours together in a small group and meetup on Zoom.

Once registered you’ll receive an email with the details and pre-work so you can gather your ideas and send for my review prior to the Masterclass.

Make sure to dedicate quiet time to thoughtfully complete the pre-work so you can not only start to rethink your approach, but come to the Masterclass curious and ready to explore possibilities.

I’m guilty of being an over-giver and will share the processes, tools, and resources that I’ve curated, refined, and used successfully for years.


What You’ll Gain From Attending the Gather Masterclass

  • A clear personalized roadmap that is backed by intelligence so you can stop wasting time and engage with the right people who will deliver clients
  • Understand that ‘your audience’ is comprised of more than your next prospective client. Learn how to identify who they are, where they are, and how to speak to them so you’re never short of ideas on what to say — or which platform to say it
  • Know where to look to find priceless connections and opportunities… that you never knew existed
  • Sick of funnels? Instead become flypaper. You’ll learn how to listen online so you can create a customer journey that will make them become so loyal they’ll want to follow you to the ends of the earth
  • Have a bevy of tools and resources, curated by us, to build systems within YOUR business… design a high level online presence at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing 
  • Say at least 10 times ‘I never thought of that’
  • Bottom line… you will save time and money… make better choices when hiring and delegating… and have a plan instead of winging it!


BONUS – You’ll make some new friends – in addition to all of the learning and strategizing there are always FUN connections made during these intimate classes. 


You’re an established small business owner, speaker, author, coach, or consultant, love what you do, but struggle with connecting with the right people online. You have no problem doing the work, you simply don’t know what to do and are seeking a better way share your wisdom.

You have content… lots of content that very few people have read, watched, or listened to. Perhaps you have a series of podcast interviews… years of blog posts… or a book languishing on the virtual shelf. Breathe new life into your business with WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE.

Your approach is different… you genuinely care more… and know in order to make a bigger impact with your work more people need to know about you. You’re done throwing spaghetti against the wall and not looking to 10x anything… Instead you want to find people who are doing great work and connect with them so YOU can help them.

I attended Donna’s Gather Masterclass and she had me on my toes and thinking in new ways within the first five minutes. If you want to expand your online presence, run don’t walk to Donna.

Jennifer Dawn

Whole-Life Business Coach


You are just getting started or are considering leaving your day job… this method works best when you have tried all the things, you have content, and you’re curious.  

The idea of being active and visible on social media makes you gag… I’m a big believer in owning your voice. There are plenty of ways of delegate, but you can’t hand over your voice and your passion.

If a detailed and rigid system lights you up, this is NOT for you. Every online element, social media, PR, content, search are constantly moving and evolving… the best way to keep up is to know your audience, have a plan, structure, and content that allows you to stay in flow. 

Donna has an interesting way of asking simple questions that get you to express yourself in a new way. The energy and support everyone brings to this Masterclass is so unmistakable that you can’t help but want to be a part of what’s happening. It was truly an amazing experience and very encouraging, totally worth the investment. I’ll be learning from this conversation for the rest of my life.

Ciji Shippley

The Brand Tub


The Who What & Why of Online Connections

  • WHO
    • You get to know who they are and where they can be found (hint… don’t spend your time on Facebook if they are on LinkedIn…)
  • WHAT
    • You learn what to say by listening to what THEY’RE talking about… asking for… complaining about or celebrating
    • Show up caring about what matters to them
    • Know their goals, dreams, and fears 
  • WHY
    • What you GATHER is invaluable intelligence that you can put into ACTION – craft products, services, content, and conversations that they WANT
    • Show up where they already are… on the podcasts they listen to… the events they attend… the online communities where they bare their souls
    • Be the solution they’re seeking

This changes everything. The sales process changes. Relationships are formed and…



Are You Ready to Start Gathering?

Sign-Up Below – The LIVE Masterclass is $500 and Limited to 10 Participants


Here are a few stories that my clients have shared with me.


Michelle was launching a new podcast and podcast network. We worked together on a content plan to launch her new podcast.

We started by gathering the common themes from each of the launch interviews and based on the commonality, we built an audience persona and content plan.

Through this collaborative work, she gained a deeper understanding of her perfect interview candidates, how to find them, how to position her show, and how to appeal to her audience AND what not to do… 

Our work together also provided a structure to share with the hosts in her podcast network.

Stephanie had been pumping out amazing content for years, no one saw it…

We did a content audit… figured out her audience… and turned her content into a published book…

She has a rich history as a celebrity radio DJ that she never talked about… that got rolled into her storytelling toolbox and… without screaming ‘look at me’ she’s sharing decades of expertise and some damn good stories.

This has led to international clients that find her… contributions to Thrive Global… speaking and interview opportunities… and now a recurring spot on a local NBC affiliate morning show… 


Are you seeing a trend here?


Stop blasting amazing content, services, and products into the vast online universe and take a breath…

Take inventory of what you already have…

Identify WHO it’s for and WHY before you create another thing.

The Gather Masterclass is the audience gathering portion of the work I’ve been doing with clients for over 10 years… Once people know this integral part of being present online… get past the overwhelm of trying to be everywhere for everyone… everything become easier, including SUCCESS…


If you’re getting all the feels,

maybe you need some help defining your audience…

Spend a few hours with me and let’s figure it out together…


After over 25 years in the corporate world working in global law firms, I found that my priorities had shifted. Commuting and long hours away from home was no longer an option. So this single mom bought a domain name, built a bad website and took a leap of faith. I walked away from the “safe” career and launched my first business in 2006.

My small “unagency” Social Pivot PR helps small businesses, speakers, authors, and content creators to own their true voice and build a meaningful online presence.

The toolbox we use includes social media, media opportunities, podcast interviews, content creation and content marketing all built around identifying the perfect audience and using the invaluable intelligence found through social listening, strategic content, and positioning to land in front of the right people, so they find YOU.

I’ve been teaching my clients and my audience to look through a different lens and leverage online platforms for years. My proven process The Gather Method™ moves you beyond the noise and frustration of social media to find small relevant groups of people that are gathered in real conversation and foster real relationships.

When social media is approached from this perspective, the results are quite different. It becomes a business intelligence tool that helps inform decisions and leads to extraordinary opportunities that you never knew existed.

Holy smokes! Thank you, Donna, for putting inside my head the idea that social media can be a conversation and not just stuff that is pushed out to the ether.

To me, social media has always been like throwing confetti into the wind.​

Tania Marien

Founder of Talaterra & Podcaster

Are You Ready to Start Gathering?

Sign-Up Below - The LIVE Masterclass is $500 and Limited to 10 Participants



Join us in this LIVE small group Masterclass

Spend 4 hours with me and leave with a defined plan for gathering your perfect audience and finding opportunities that you never knew existed


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