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Strategies to Pitch a Story to a Magazine

A few years ago they closed the bookstore in my town and now I need to take a road trip to conduct one of my favorite forms of research. Yes it can be done online and I have all the right tools to do this from my computer, but it’s not the same. I love to go to a really good magazine section and find new magazines, reacquaint myself with old favorites and see what is new and noteworthy. It is a different experience when I can surround myself with magazines, flip pages and immerse myself in the experience.

Above is a picture showing the wealth of information that is just waiting at your local bookstore. Bring a notebook or a mobile device and take notes, snap pics, set up Evernote pages. Spending an hour or so rifling through magazines will give you incredible insight into what your market wants and what the editors want too.

Know the Content

  • Know the content
  • Know the editors, the departments, the ads and the special features
  • Know publication dates and be well versed in the topics that they cover
  • Know their editorial calendar
  • Know the online features and whether they have a presence in the iTunes library

Prepare for the Pitch

Before you pitch here are a few quick strategies that will give you an edge:

  • Go to the publication’s website and locate the advertising page – there is usually a PDF of their editorial calendar – this will tell you the topics covered in each publication and when the deadline is. These are two crucial pieces of information, you will now know what months to pitch and when to pitch.
  • Know where you fit, find the right person to pitch, and know the section of the magazine where you or your products would shine.
  • Check them out online. Follow them on social media and run a quick Google search to see if they have a personal blog… if so read it and comment too. Know what they are talking about NOW.
  • Listen to your target market, the publications and the journalists. Provide what they want and need and you will significantly increase your chances of landing dream media.

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