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The cornerstone of our work at Cravotta Media Group is to reconnect to our stories and deeply understand our perfect audience before we start marketing.

This is reflected in all our programs, services, and communities. It’s precisely why we build flexibility in our strategy services and–a mastermind community for purpose-led speakers, authors, and small business owners.

You’re in the right place if you’re figuring out what comes next, wondering how to keep up with tech, and desire to make a bigger impact with your body of work.

Join us to explore, collaborate, and BeVisible in the most genuine way.

Are you ready to embark on this journey? Let’s go!

What if we took a different approach? By reconnecting to our stories, listening first, and deeply understanding our audience BEFORE we market. is a mastermind community for established speakers, authors, and small business owners who are led by purpose. They are in a transition period, ready to move forward but unsure what to do. They’re curious about AI but uncertain. They have a ton of content and wisdom to share but know there is a better way. Does this sound familiar? Are you ready to do the work? | Cravotta Media Group


The way forward in this time of massive change is in community.
Curiosity keeps us relevant and connects us to unseen opportunities and possibilities.
Stick to your Zone of Genius. Partner with others who do the same.
Listen first to understand your audience. Then show up where they are ready to help.
Reconnect with your stories then share them generously.

The Real 50 over 50

The Real 50 over 50: Wisdom Revolution is a visibility project featuring 100+ women over 50 who are quietly, or not so quietly, making a difference. They come from all walks of life and business and reached a point in life where they want to live on their terms, follow their hearts, and make an impact for themselves and others. 

Meet these remarkable women by joining us every Wednesday at noon ET for a LIVE interview or on our monthly Wisdom Panels. Visit the Real 50 over 50 webpage to meet the women, watch replays, and see upcoming interviews and panels.

The Real 50 over 50 women | Cravotta Media Group
“For all of us in service-based businesses, I strongly believe that it’s our job to ease the lift for our clients—get them over our specific hurdle faster and easier. Donna’s doing that for us in this extremely fast-changing world of AI but with such a deft touch that you never feel lost, only excited to jump in and try it out.”
Brynn Breuner

Mindspark Branding

“We all reach a point in life when we stand at a crossroad. For me, Donna illuminated the path.

I love attending the BeVisible calls, but the biggest impact came from the strategy sessions. It’s like having a personal guide as you redesign your business to one that fits perfectly. I remember who I am and what I am meant to do.”

Sara Canuso

Inner Strategist and Master Connector

Strategy & Consulting


Great! Strategy is my happy place. If you’re figuring out what’s next, I’d love to help you design a strategy and actionable plan to lead you there.

Here are a few ways I can help, but the possibilities are endless.

  • Are you in the AFTER THE BOOK LAUNCH phase and need direction?
  • Do you have a ton of CONTENT and no idea what to do with it?
  • Unclear on your AUDIENCE?
  • Need a plan to land MEDIA or PODCASTS interviews?
  • Perhaps you have a general feeling of UNREST – let’s figure it out together

I bring 40 years of working experience to everything I do. Along with an uncanny ability to find things and uniquely bring them together. Sometimes you need an hour to brainstorm with someone who has experience and a fresh viewpoint. You may also need a partner to work alongside you as you create a new project or service.  Or somewhere in the middle. No two businesses are the same and by offering flexibility we will not block creativity.  

1 Hour Brainstorm

You cannot pick my brain, but I will spend an hour collaborating with you and come up with ideas for anything as long as it’s legal.

90 Min Strategy Session

Let’s spend 90 minutes on a deep dive of what’s possible. I’ll ask questions prior to our call and design a plan to make the most of our time together. Then we will have a follow-up call to polish the edges.

1/2 Strategy Day

Want more? Let’s spend 3 hours together and plan out something bigger. I’ll ask questions prior to our call and design a plan to make the most of our time together. Then we will have TWO follow-up calls to keep you on track.

Designed for YOU

Are you seeking a partner? Someone who can stick with you as you grow and step into your legacy work? I can help, let’s co-create a system of support and guidance that is built for YOU.

“Donna is brilliant and so caring. She is a true partner, teacher, and mentor. You feel totally supported and know that no one will work harder for you.”

Marybeth Gregg

Founder of The International Center for Women’s Leadership (TICWL)

“The way Donna teaches how to use AI has made me a better, more consistent writer. What used to be hard is now easy and actually enjoyable.”

Stephanie Dalfonzo

Integrative Hypnotist


I’m the CEO and Founder of Cravotta Media Group and the creator of mastermind and The Real 50 over 50: Wisdom Revolution, a visibility project featuring 100+ women over the age of 50 who are quietly, or not so quietly, making a difference.

After 40 years of work, I redesigned my business to help authors, speakers, and small business owners combine all of the parts of their stories and mix tried-and-true strategies with new technology to be visible and connect with their perfect audiences.

Donna Cravotta

Donna Cravotta | Cravotta Media Group

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