The Real 50 over 50 | Wisdom Panel-Confidence

The Brief

This edition of our monthly Wisdom Panel series is about CONFIDENCE and SELF-LOVE. What’s possible when you become unapologetically YOU.

Join me in an unscripted conversation with our brilliant panelists – Click on each of the panelists’ names. to learn more about them:

  • Stephanie DalfonzoIntegrative Hypnotist, Anxiety Expert, Speaker, Author
  • Rita ErnstOrganizational Psychologist, Positivity Influencer, Speaker, Author
  • Ronda BernsSales Trainer & Coach, Business Strategist, Sales & Marketing Consultant
  • Kamrin HubanExecutive Leadership/Personal Development Coach, Mental Rebrand Strategist for 50+ Women, Podcaster
  • Debby KevinFounder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Highlander Press 

We’ll discuss various perspectives on the intersection of self-love and confidence. Including some of the topics below:

  • How does breadth of experience influence confidence?
  • Self-talk can shift over time and improve confidence
  • Is confidence static or fluid?
  • What does it mean to tap into our own wisdom, and how does it influence our confidence?
  • Ageism specifically past the age of 50 and how it affects both men and women.
    • Women suffer a double whammy.
    • Why is ageism more pronounced for women?
    • What impact does it have on confidence, and how do we combat it?
    • Does ageism lead to the loneliness epidemic?
    • Is self-love the answer?
  • Historically and in our stories.
    • What we hear, literally and figuratively, as children, seeps into our subconscious. 
    • How does it impact our stories?
    • How can historically “good stories” even hurt confidence?
    • How can we turn that around?
  • What happens when we start to show up as ourselves and embrace possibilities and opportunities
    • Celebrating our wins and our losses 
    • The ripple effect – how can our self-confidence and willingness to be visible can create change now and for future generations

We’ll be LIVE on Thursday, February 15th at noon ET swing by and join in the discussion.

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