The Real 50 over 50 | Wisdom Panel-Courage

The Brief

This edition of our monthly Wisdom Panel series is all about COURAGE and learning to dance with the fear, and do the thing any way. We’ll discuss:

  • The impact of stepping into courage on the following topics:
    • learning to listen to your intuition and allowing your creativity to flow
    • ageism, specifically past the age of 50
    • business success and failure
    • boundaries and personal and business relationships
    • showing up and the fear of being visible
    • the courage of being an advocate for self and for others. Such as through ADA Compliance and accessibility, the LGBTQIA+ community, single parenting, domestic violence, and other communities that often get pushed aside
    • Coming back from betrayal and learning how to be vulnerable, feel compassion, and learn how to trust and love again
    • How has “good girl culture” eroded our self-trust, and as a consequence, our willingness to make bold moves?
    • Did you know that the creative force of making something helps us build the musculature for courage?
    • The messages from our personal and cultural landscapes drive Imposter Syndrome (and how to transmute all of it into courage and self-trust).
    • What happens when we start to show up as ourselves and embrace possibilities and opportunities?
    • The ripple effect of changing the way we lead by embracing our fears and stepping into our courage. How this can create change now and for future generations?

    Join me in an unscripted conversation with our esteemed panelists – Click on each of the panelists’ names. to learn more about them:

    • Susie deVilleBusiness Coach, Author, Artist, Founder/CEO, Innovation & Creativity Institute
    • Faith SaundersFounder-I Can Make A Difference Now, Advocate for Single Parents, Career, Coach, Transformational Trainer
    • Lora CheadleBusiness Therapist, Coach, Speaker, Author
    • Iris Goldfeder – Founder and CEO at GasStoveCreative-All-in-one Marketing Solutions for Service-Based Businesses
    • Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham30 Year Entrepreneur, Founder of Tracy’s Sports Adventure

    We’ll be LIVE on Tuesday, January 16th at noon ET swing by and join in the discussion.

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