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About me

With her background in business, when Victoria Lynne Hannu first started in business with her husband and soul mate Cris, the first thing she did was to create a business plan. At the time, creating a business plan for a business that included an industry (coaching) that was in its infancy was challenging. Victoria came away from the process with the question “How do I create a business reflective of who I am, that is values aligned with me, and what I am here to do? Thus began the journey to Heart & Soul CEO and the work we do with our clients using our R.I.S.E.™ Methodology.

As the first full entrepreneur in her family, the journey to today had many twists and turns along the way, many triggered by self-doubt and the fact that leaving corporate for Victoria was a running away from rather than a running towards what was calling her. Along the way, quite unexpectedly, in 2005 she and Cris became the full guardians and later parents of their first grandchild. This twist and all the family drama it brought with it have significantly informed the work we do with our clients today. We have a deep understanding of the dynamics, and their impact, our clients are up against with business and the different levels of their life in ways that almost no-one else does.

Thus, our holistic human-centered approach to business. In truth, we discovered that when you are leading a business, there is no true separation of life and business. How you show up and what you experience in your personal life affects your business and vice versa. We’ve been on the big roller-coaster journey of struggle, so you don’t have to.

What do you do and why do you do it?

I work with first-time CEOs to master and integrate the soft-side of being a CEO with the business side. I do it because there’s a call for the landscape of business to change to honor each individual for their unique gifts and CEOs have the ability to make the most impact in their communities. The ripple effect is huge. Can you imagine what our world would look like if everyone is honored and gets to shine in their authentic uniqueness? My purpose is to be a guide and help others to thrive in their authentic uniqueness. My soul’s primary intention this life-time is to: “Uplift, Champion, and Springboard the Awakening Ones”

What changed for you after age 50?

My journey to do what I’m here to do really began. I didn’t start my business until I was 45.

What would you tell the 20 or 30-year-old YOU?

Follow your passion.

What do you think you’ll tell yourself in retrospect at the end of your life?

It’s been a good life!

What impact do you think increased visibility can have on your business?

Increased visibility for me and my business would increase the reach and the number of people I/we can contribute to and impact. Thus making a greater impact in the world through a ripple effect.

Who or what inspires you and why?

Derek Hough, I love to dance, and watching him dance in his genius and doing what he is meant to do is inspiring. The way he shares his love of dance is phenomenal, and to be doing so for most of his life is awesome. He’s still quite young, in his late 30’s, which is awesome.

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