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The Real 50 over 50 | Wisdom Panel: Storytelling


Tuesday, June 18th @ noon ET

The Brief

Our June Wisdom Panel is all about STORYTELLING.

It’s How We’re Wired!

Meet the brilliant panelists. They’re writers, adventure seekers, and skilled storytellers.

💡 Diane Wyzga: Origin Story Co-Creator, Communication Change-Maker, Facilitator, Podcaster
💡 Lee Aldridge: Brand Strategist, Communications Specialist
💡 Yvonne Caputo: Storyteller, Teacher, Psychotherapist, Corporate Trainer, Author
💡 Gail Harris: Ghostwriter, Memorist, Author, Founder of Golden Ghostwriting
💡 Maggie van Galen: Award-Winning Children’s Book Author, Wordsmith, Editor

We’ll discuss personal and professional storytelling and the impact of sharing your stories.

🔸 How we’re wired for story
🔸 What makes a compelling story
🔸 We all have stories to tell. How to craft your own experiences into stories
🔸 Why stories are points of connection
🔸 Inspiring trust through emotional resonance by sharing stories
🔸 Healing through stories
🔸 Building community and legacy through stories

Plus, these conversations include the LIVE audience and often take a different direction, but they are always engaging and full of wisdom.

Join us on Tuesday, June 18th at noon ET. Invite your friends and colleagues too – this is NOT to be missed.

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