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About me

Nina Froriep is an award-winning producer and documentary filmmaker. She’s seen it all, from the early days on independent features, to big national TV commercials, corporate mega-shows, and Emmy award-winning documentaries, including one she produced and directed called Abraham’s Children.

Today, Nina is a featured LinkedIn Content Creator and Video Marketer and is excited to enable authors, business coaches, and service-based entrepreneurs to create easy and impactful video marketing so they can attract their ideal clients and be disruptors in their field of expertise.

What do you do and why do you do it?

Clear and concise communication is at the root of everything that we want in life.

I’ve been telling stories since I was able to talk and wrote my first book, which I illustrated at age seven (it’s out of print).

Helping service-based entrepreneurs get a seat at the table with powerful visual storytelling allows them not only to grow their businesses but also to be the disruptors in their area of expertise. Whether they know it or not (talking to you, women over 50!), they are change makers!

If you are in business for yourself, you have a story, and you have a way of doing things differently, I want you to share that story and do it powerfully and easily with video. I’m here to enable you to do so.

What changed for you after age 50?

There is an acute sense of a finite amount of Mondays left to make a difference in the world.

What would you tell the 20 or 30-year-old YOU?

Listen to your body. Do all the hard self-discovery coaching NOW.

Always have a BIG (huge!) goal to live into.

What do you think you’ll tell yourself in retrospect at the end of your life?

I hope it would be about no regrets, having nothing left on the table, having made a difference in the lives of others, and having loved and lived well.

What impact do you think increased visibility can have on your business?

With increased visibility, you get what you want: 

  • More clients? Go for it.
  • More eyeballs on your artwork, heck yes!
  • More people listening to your thinking about the things that matter to you? That too.

With visibility also comes the responsibility to communicate clearly and concisely where you’re going, what you want, and why.

“For me, being a Queenager is about giving yourself permission to shine, giving yourself permission to show up and be heard.”

Nina Froriep

The Brief

I had an amazing interview with the one and only Nina Froriep, video marketer extraordinaire and a true Linkedin expert.

Nina has seen it all, from the early days of independent features to national TV commercials, corporate mega-shows, and Emmy award-winning documentary films, including one she produced and directed called Abraham’s Children.

Now, Nina is on a mission to help business coaches and service-based entrepreneurs to make a bigger impact with video and cause some major disruptions along the way. We got real and shared our personal stories of career pivots and professional adventures. But here’s the kicker: Nina has built a business that gives her the ultimate freedom to live between NYC and the serene beauty of Switzerland, her homeland. Talk about living the dream!

Turning 50 was a game-changer for Nina. Everything she wanted was amplified and she found a way to make it all happen. But here’s the part that really stuck with me: trust is built through healthy and authentic conversations. Whether you’re having a heart-to-heart online or meeting in real life, it’s vital to be choosy about the people you let into your inner circle. And when needed, don’t be afraid to cut ties. You deserve to step into being a Queenager and surround yourself with the best possible relationships.

Oh, and be prepared for heartwarming stories about Nina’s adorable pup, Tigger.

You absolutely need to check out the interview and soak up the wisdom. Share what resonates with you in the comments.

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