WISDOM PANEL: Video Shorts


Words of Wisdom from our Panel

“We need to call a thing a thing and use accurate terminology when we talk about mental health.”


Nicole Lewis-Keeber
Business Therapist, Coach, Speaker, Author

“Mental health is a continium from wellness to illness, and we all fall somewhere on this spectrum.”


Shulamit Ber Levtov
The Entrepreneur’s Therapist

“Negative emotions provide valuable information we need to pay attention to.”

Dr. Carrie Johansson
Psychologist, Speaker, Author


“Our goal should be to help clients regulate their emotions by sitting with and validating their experiences.”

Dr. Amy Hoyt
Founder of Mending Trauma


“People seeking mental wellness are often the strongest because they are willing to address their issues.”


Dr. Cynthia Edwards-Hawver
Psychologist, Coach, Podcaster, Writer, Speaker


The Brief

Welcome to another Wisdom Panel from The Real 50 over 50: The Wisdom Revolution. Today’s conversation is one I’ve been eagerly anticipating. In our panel titled “The Wisdom Panel: Mental Wellness – Awareness to Action,” we explored the realities of mental health and wellness, from understanding the connection between mental and physical health to redefining mental wellness. We highlighted how mental health is a dynamic spectrum and emphasized the importance of resilience and self-awareness.

Meet the brilliant panelists – Click on each of their names. to learn more about them:

The discussion was insightful and explored the complexities of mental health, the importance of mental wellness, and actionable steps to improve our mental well-being. Here are some key takeaways and reflections from the conversation.

Nicole Lewis-Keeber underscored the importance of using precise language to enhance awareness. She believes that accurate terminology leads to better understanding and reduces stigma. Dr. Carrie Johansson brought attention to the misconception that a well-balanced life is free of problems. Instead, she focused on the continual journey of managing emotions. Shulamit Ber Levtov emphasized the necessity of viewing mental health on a spectrum, urging us to separate mental health from mental illness to diminish stigma.

Dr. Amy Hoyt highlighted the role of nervous system regulation and how understanding our internal states can help us manage our emotions better. Dr. Cynthia Edwards-Hawver shared her belief that those seeking mental wellness are among the healthiest, as they are willing to dive deep and address their issues.



Our panelists have a wealth of experience in traditional mental health and have all chosen a different path. Some topics we discussed are:

  • Understanding that mental health is a continuum and not a fixed state. We all fall somewhere on this spectrum.
  • The importance of using accurate terminology when discussing mental wellness to focus on wellness and help reduce stigma.
  • Mental wellness is a continuous journey rather than achieving a state of perfection.
  • The role of the nervous system in managing emotions.
  • The power of co-regulation and validating emotions.

Plus, these conversations include the LIVE audience and often take a different direction, but they are always engaging and full of wisdom.


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