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Our clients are leaders, small business owners, and content creators who align with our deep belief that you must be involved in your conversations. These catalysts of change are prepared to own their voice and align their marketing and their message with their business online to strengthen their personal brand, small business, or organization. We take great care in building a strong infrastructure for long-term growth and teach them how to leverage the intelligence they gain.

Although their goals and industries vary, one common thread is that every client has their own curated audience – deeply knowing who is in this audience is critical to grow any business, launch a new service or product, publish a book, or start a speaking career. So often people have no idea where to start.

We work with established authors and content creators that have amassed a “body of work” that they poured their heart and soul into, yet it is sitting on a virtual shelf. We take those dormant assets and breathe new life into them by repurposing or “upcycling” them into something entirely fresh and strategically built to attract targeted audiences.


Have you hit the ceiling on time and revenue? Are you looking to scale your impact, yet have more time off for yourself? Are you ready to leverage your accomplishments? We help experts just like you to identify and connect with your perfect audience and amplify your brand voice for growth.

I’ve been fortunate over the years to work with Donna on several occasions. Each time we’ve worked on a project, I’m in awe of not only her depth of knowledge but her mission to change the way we approach social listening.

I had the pleasure of joining Donna for her new Gather Method Masterclass™. What I love most about Donna’s approach is that she shows (and patiently explains for those of us who social media does not come naturally) how to use social media in a foundational way. When using the Gather Method™, you don’t need to learn a new way to do things continually. It’s not about how to be the loudest or post the most; it’s about listening so you can join the conversation authentically.

What Donna teaches is consistent across all social platforms and never changes. It’s listening in a way that creates, as she says, “a portal of opportunity,” something that benefits every individual, business, and community.

Lisa Danforth

Business and Success Coach & Speaker

I had been working with a digital marketing consultant to grow my business. It was all about building email lists, lead magnets, tripwires, and lots of scheduled social media posting. It felt inauthentic and very ineffective, but it was the way everyone was doing it so I went along.

Finally, my gut was telling me, “This is not the way to market,” and that’s when I was introduced to Donna Cravotta. Donna rocked my world and inspired me to engage in a way of marketing that is authentic, human, and service-oriented. Now, instead of spending tons of time throwing spaghetti against the wall, hoping for something to stick, I’m not wasting a minute and building relationships with people who are aligned with me.

Donna taught me that social media is not a shotgun to blast everyone in God’s creation, it’s a communication tool to build relationships with people who will love to do business with you. I also want to say that Donna’s care for me as a client, and the value she provides, are beyond anything I’m experiencing in the world today. She truly cares, and I am so grateful she is on my team.

Andrew Bennett

Speaker, Transformative Leader, Magician

As a small business owner, it took 5 years to convince me that I needed to do social differently. (Apparently, I’m stubborn like that.) Kudos to Donna who showed me, step by step, how to build a meaningful online presence — while keeping it simple. She also pinpointed exactly which tools to leverage so that this doesn’t take over my life. If you truly want to connect with other humans who will hire you to speak, train, coach, buy your book or get press, I highly recommend hiring Donna to make it count.

Carolyn Herfurth

Business Reinvention Expert and Keynote Speaker

Holy smokes! Thank you, Donna, for putting inside my head the idea that social media can be a conversation and not just stuff that is pushed out to the ether.

To me, social media has always been like throwing confetti into the wind.​

Tania Marien

Founder of Talaterra & Podcast Host

I’ve been in business since 2012, yet I’ve never had a clear and defined plan on what it takes to grow my business. I was pretty much lost with social media and the importance it played in my business. One thing I knew for sure, if I continued doing what I was doing my business would eventually fail. 
I found Donna after listening to her being interviewed on a podcast. I was blown away and knew that she could help my business and more importantly give me the tools that I needed to succeed. I took a leap of faith and I’ve never looked back.
I now have a plan that she holds me to, I’m organized and I’m leveraging the right tools in a way I never thought possible. She’s a great listener, mentor and I always feel that she has my best interest at heart.
She is quite honestly the very best thing that could of happened to me and my business and I plan to work with her indefinitely. 
Pat "Cappy" Nulis

CEO, So Southern Custom Equestrian Products


Have you poured your heart and soul into your “body of work” that is collecting dust on a virtual shelf? Content is the cornerstone of an online presence and every asset created should have multiple, strategic purposes. Your book, years of blog posts, or podcast episodes can turn into years of relevant marketing that showcases your expertise, build relationships, and uncovers unknown opportunities.

Where do I begin. I’ve worked with Donna for years. She has taught me so many things about leveraging content, but the most wonderful project we created together is my book – Hello Anxiety, Goodbye Freedom, a collection of 35 of my favorite techniques to overcome anxiety.

I had an idea and within 2 months I had a published book. Donna guided me through the entire process, starting with a content audit where we gathered the techniques and other content to include in the book with content I already had. She also helped me did deep into my own history and life experiences, both personal and professional. She insisted that I blend it all together to create my story. Well that changed everything.

So many amazing things happened through the process and since the book was published. One that speaks to my heart is that for every book purchased I donate a book to a school or organization that helps children so these techniques can impact a child who is living with anxiety or trauma. To date we have donated 100s of books.

My little book helps ease emotional pain every day. Plus it’s opened many doors for me to grow my business through interviews, speaking opportunities, and even a monthly recurring feature on a local NBC TV show in Connecticut. I am excited for what comes next.

Stephanie Dalfonzo

Integrative Hypnotist and Intuitive Coach

When I first met Donna, I felt that my social media presence was disingenuine. I did all the things diligently, spent tons of time splashing my content everywhere. I wanted to connect and build real relationships, I knew it was possible, I do this quite well in person. Yet it never worked the way I thought it would. I spent a ton of time, effort, and money with zero results and I was ready to give up.

Donna opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about social media that bridged the gap between what I know how to do in person and how I can do the same thing on social platforms… Which is basically to be myself.

I’ve worked with Donna on several projects, most recently, for help launching my new podcast. We applied her passion for research and her very unique Gather Method™ and it changed everything. I now have a deeper understanding of my perfect interview candidates, how to find them, how to position myself so they find me, and how to connect in a meaningful way.

Plus I’m having FUN… this is a new market for me and because I’m engaging on LinkedIn instead of pushing, in a very short period of time I’ve built real relationships with phenomenal women.

It works and is so much easier than what I was doing before. Listen to my podcast that is the result.

Michelle McGlade

CEO of Evolutionize Media, Podcast Host, Modern Leader


Whether your mission is to help kids, end domestic violence, or develop clean water, you need to continually expand your reach, engagement, and fundraising. We partner with nonprofits to grow their mission into a movement and change the world, faster.

We worked with Donna and her team for two years and then took a break to focus on other projects. We intended to take our online communications in-house, but we simply did not have the bandwidth. The foundation of content and social media that Donna created for us is still relevant and running two years later.

The most impactful part of our partnership was the unexpected intelligence we were able to build into our business planning. We learned so much about where we were already positioned in our industry. This helped us to save precious resources, create new training programs that continue to help many, and appeal to donors and partners which led to raising a significant amount of unexpected funds. 

This new knowledge base will change countless lives for generations

We’ve recently come back to build the next level. 

Non-Profit Agency

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