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8 Ways to Use Keywords in Social Media

KeywordsFinding and using the best keywords is a crucial part of marketing your business and should be a big part of your content strategy.

There are plenty of tools to help you do this and it does not need to be complex or something that will be a big expense. Quite often the best keywords simply come from conversations you have with clients and potential clients. Make note of the words they use when they are telling you of why they need your help. What are the words that hit an emotional chord for them? These are often the same words people that need to find you will type into the search engines to figure out how they can get help.

Once you identify a few keywords, conduct a simple keyword analysis using the Google Keyword Tool (free) and research related hashtags in twubs.com and hashtagify.me, By identifying a few words that hit your target market, you will significantly increase your reach and engagement in your online marketing.  Save time, money and fast-track your success.

Keywords + Social Media = Marketing Nirvana

To really make a difference, use your keywords in social media – here are 8 strategies to help you do it right.

  1. When creating a Facebook tagline you should use some keywords in it. This will also help brand your business. Be sure that you pick a tagline that you will want to keep and one that is easy to remember and will make people think of you when they hear the signature phrase.
  2. Use your best keywords in the Facebook information (description) box or text box. This will help to attract fans through a search they do via FB or Google.
  3. Use your keywords in hashtags – be sure to do the research first and make sure that the conversations happening around the hashtag are appropriate. I learned this one the hard way.
  4. The information that you add to the headline field on LinkedIn will be your primary tagline that shows at the top of your profile which will be beneficial if you use good keywords because this is where internal search results come from.
  5. Visit each of the top listed LinkedIn profiles in your market and take note of how they’re representing themselves. In particular, pay attention to the keywords used and their headlines.
  6. As Pinterest grows, so does its authority in the eyes of search engines, so it makes good sense to use keywords in the “about me” section, the titles of your boards, and to include a link back to your website.
  7. Follow your keywords in HootSuite (or the social media management tool you use). This will help you identify what people are talking about your industry, find conversations and build relationships you never expected. This is a game changer, I have had clients that have had massive results just by learning to listen on social media.
  8. Check Google Trends  and see what keywords are hot at the moment. Try to find a logical way to work a post about one of them into your blog.

How do you use keywords in your social media? Would love to hear your strategies – post them below.

Donna Cravotta

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  1. Jessica

    Love this article. I never knew about most of them. I wasn’t sure how I would do the last one with Google Trends, because most of them were about celebrities and TV shows. But I got a little creative, which I love. This is really fantastic. Thank you for all the great information! WOOOOO HOOOO!!!

    • Donna

      So glad you found this helpful. Keep us posted on your results.


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